Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 28th Annual GPNDG
August 22 — 25, 2019 Sun Night
MaryHill State park, WA

N 45° 41' W 120° 47.7'

Interesting Day Rides

North-central Oregon!

There are lots of interesting day rides originating from The Gather campground. Many of the attendees are 'locals', and would likely be happy to tell you about, or lead you on, some interesting rides. Oregon has some amazing motorcycle roads, offset by painfully low speed limits and sometimes unexpected enforcement in the middle of nowhere.

A nice ride is down US-97 to Wasco, then OR-206 SE to Condon and on to Ruggs and Hepner, where you can pick up 74 NNW to Morgan and intersecting I-84 about 45-50 miles upriver of Biggs Junction.

South-central Washington!

South-central Washington also has some great roads (see reference to Destination Highways: Washingon on the maps page).

One of my favorites is north to Goldendale, then west on 142 and eventually down a steep 1-lane paved road into the Klickitat river canyon, ending up at the western edge of Lyle, WA on WA-14. Just a few miles downriver from there is a scenic overlook on the left. Then an easy ride (this part of WA-14 is fairly well patrolled) back to Maryhill State Park, possibly with a stop at the Maryhill Museum which is a worthwhile stop.

If we get a chance to ride Maryhills Loop Road which begins just up the hill from The Gather near the Stonehenge Replica, and you like tilting the horizon and scraping your pegs, do it! Highly recommended. Traffic will be one-way and there will be no LEOs to worry about.