Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 28th Annual GPNDG
August 22 — 25, 2019 Sun Night
MaryHill State park, WA

N 45° 41' W 120° 47.7'

Map of the 28th GPNDG Site

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Many of us own the Destination Highways: Washington edition. It's worth owning if you don't have it. Chances are you can peruse someone else's copy at The Gather to discover day rides that are nearby. Or just ask — many of us have ridden most all the roads near Maryhill State Park and are more than happy to share that knowledge. Be forewarned, much B.S. may ensue...


The millionaire Samuel Hill, a businessman and "good roads" advocate in the Pacific Northwest, became associated with the phrase in the 1920s. A reference appeared in Time magazine when Hill convinced Queen Marie of Romania to travel to rural Washington to dedicate Hill's Maryhill Museum of Art. The fact that "Father of Good Roads" Samuel Hill hadn't been born when the figure of speech first appeared in a publication rules out the possibility that he was the original Sam Hill in question.