Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 28th Annual GPNDG
August 22 — 25, 2019 Sun Night
MaryHill State park, WA

N 45° 41' W 120° 47.7'


Your choice of motels is going to be primarily along I-84 in Oregon, starting with Biggs Junction which is close but very small (only one motel, IIRC). Next closest would be Goldendale, WA just north of The Gather site on US-97. At least two motels there.

West on I-84 from The Gather is The Dalles which has at least 10 motels, some fairly nice. Then further west is Hood River, roughly similar to The Dalles with maybe 11 motels.

You can use a company like TRIVAGO and its competitors to get a room, but often you have to pay the full amount in advance, and if the room turns out not to be acceptable, it can be quite difficut to get out of the reservation. This is because the hotel will already have been paid by TRIVAGO, or whomever, and won't refund the money to anyone but them (definitely not to you). Based upon my personal recent experience in Florida, I (hmarc) suggest you Google the motels, check their reviews, and call the motel directly to negotiate an acceptable rate.