Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 27th Annual GPNDG
June 28 — July 1, 2018
Port Angeles, WA

Google Maps:   48.11714 123.4780188
or   N 48° 07' 01.9" W 123° 28' 40.9"

Who's Signed Up ?

1. Beth Dixon
2. Flash Flash
3. Jean Maybell
4. Jon Maybell
5. Mark Morland
6. Mike Chaplin
7. Tony Jones

Note: names shown in light gray have not paid yet
or their payment is still flowing through the system...

RV parking

We have been asked that RV/Campers enter though one of the two airport side gates. Entering through the 16th Street entrance results in a sharp turn that has resulted in a clipped building. Attendees requesting RV slots include:
  • The Paukstis Clan
  • The Harrigers
  • The Denzlers
  • The Hortons
  • The Karikas'
  • The Hartshorns
  • Mike Pierce
  • Brad Stuller
  • Bud & Barb Couch