Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 27th Annual GPNDG
June 28 — July 1, 2018
Port Angeles, WA

Google Maps:   48.11714 123.4780188
or   N 48° 07' 01.9" W 123° 28' 40.9"


The Olympic Peninsula!

There are lots of interesting day rides originating from The Gather campground. Many of the attendees are 'locals', and would likely be happy to tell you about, or lead you on, some interesting rides. Hurricane Ridge, Sol Duc hot springs, Hoh Rainforest, Lake Crescent, and highways 112 & 113 are all right at hand for the day riders. A ferry ride to the gorgeous city of Victoria, BC would be a fun excursion, provided you have your passport.

Among the 'local ride' cogniscenti I would count:

Ed Hackett (who lives nearby)
Counselor Steve Gross (who also lives nearby)
Derek Hamlet (for Canadian rides)
Phil & Debb Kopp
JC & Robynn
(and many others, just ask around)

If you're a TWILIGHT vampire film fan, you can certainly take a quick trip out to Forks, WA where most of the scenes from the movie series (supposedly) take place. [Note: Wikipedia says that the film was shot primarily in Oregon, not in Forks]

Shooting Sports

Ed has arranged with Sunnydell, a local shotgun & pistol range, for us to shoot some Sporting Clays and some pistol targets on Friday afternoon. For those that are interested, of course. Some of us will bring extra shotguns & pistols, and extra ammo, should someone want to join in who doesn't have their own equipment. Eye and hearing protection are required — we'll bring some extra ear-plugs.

This activity is not cheap, so bring cash to help pay the range fee(s) and for ammunition if you're going to borrow a gun. There will undoubtedly be more info posted about this activity on the WetLeather mailing list.

The Cap'n Drift Memorial ("I'm not dead yet") Horseshoes Tournament

Details TBD, but likely to be held Saturday mid-afternoon...