Great Pacific Northwest
Dryside Gather
Beth on the Slut
The 26th Annual GPNDG
August 18-22, 2017
Crescent Lake, OR

Google Maps:   43.492736, -121.962605
or   N 43° 29' 34" — W 121° 57' 34"

The Fine Volunteer Crew

Da BOSS(es):
Bob 'bjet' Taylor
Finance Minister:
Fri morning dessert:
Martin & Carol
Fri dinner:
Derek & Rolf
Sat breakfast:
Brett Parker
Sat dinner:
Brad Stuller
Sat dessert:
Julie — brownie sundaes
Sun breakfast:
Sun dinner:
Rhonda & Sarah
Mon breakfast:
Michael Pierce
Mon dinner:
Coffee Boss:
Rolf & Julie
UberBeverages Boss:
Dave Morgan & Frank Tyler
Web stuff:
H Marc Lewis
First Aid:
Karyn Vickers
Tuesday AM Policing:
Garbage Boss:
Kristen Hart et al
Restroom Boss:
Mens: Michael Pierce
Womens: Trish Morgan
On the bench:
see Minions
Awards Presentation:
Carl & ???

The "Help" (aka "Minions")

The food bosses in particular need help with food prep, serving and cleanup. Check the Minions list showing folks who have volunteered thus far, and what meal they may be helping with.