[GPNDG] Beth on the Slut
The 18th Annual GPNDG
August 6-9, 2009
At Three Meadows Group Camp at Dworshak State Park, near Orofino, ID
N 46° 36' 16"     W 116° 17' 58"
N 46.604329°     W 116.299472°

Cabin Reservations

For cabin reservations or to volunteer to be a CabinBOSS, contact the Finance Minister and the relevant CabinBoss (see below) and post your intention publicly to the mailing list. Don't forget to send HMarc some mail so he can update this page — though that won't happen until after official Registraion opens.

There are 8 cabins (see crude Site Map), plus the smaller HQ cabin near the main lodge. The last time we Gather'd here we rented only 5 cabins (to save $$$). Cabins nominally sleep 12, and there are 12 bunks. However, there's very little room for gear stowage or privacy (see pictures by Marc & Wanda) A more realistic practical capacity is 6 to 9 people.

Stating a cabin preference in your reservation does not guarantee your choice of cabin, only that you will get a bunk in one of them. In order to control expenses, the GPNDG BOSS reserves the right to consolidate cabin assignments into fewer cabins should the situation present itself.

Cabin Name Rules Inmates
[HQ Cabin on the Site Map]
If we told you the rules
then we'd have to kill you...
1. H Marc Lewis
2. Wanda Lewis
3. Gwen Sayles
4. Cy Sayles
Last Minute
Prop: Kathy Gill
[Cabin #3 on the Site Map]
Procrastinators only
TV makeup optional
1. Kathy Gill
2. Michael Schamens
3. Greg Schamens
4. Adrian Kuepker
5. Joanne Savely
6. Bill Savely  
Family & Friends
Prop: Gary Wasserman
[Cabin #4 on the Site Map]
IBM lovers
BMW abusers
TLA avoiders
1. Gary Wasserman
2. Deb Wasserman
3. Phil Wasserman
4. Marc Wasserman
5. Bob (bjet) Taylor
6. Jon Diaz
7. Glenn Stone
Wild Jungle Monkey Sex
Prop: MiG
[Cabin #6 on the Site Map]
Old fogey couples
Viagra & earplugs required
1. MiG Storbo
2. Steve Aarnio
3. Steve Gross
4. Molly Brindley
5. Jack Tavares
6. Kaddee Lawrence
7. Michael Pierce
8. Ms. Pierce
Reefer Heights
Prop: LisaD
[Cabin #2 on the Site Map]
Snoring friendly, no kids,
motorcycles allowed inside only
long enough for engine rebuilds...
1. Chris Denzler
2. Lisa Denzler
3. Jim Broglio
4. Keri Grassl
5. Brett Parker
6. Debbie Parker
7. Bob Actis

RV Hookups

  1. St. Carl & Rhonda Paukstis
  2. Maurie & Dixie Schamens
— to reserve an RV hookup (they are limited), email Da BOSS —

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