The 17th Annual GPNDG
July 31st — August 3rd, 2008
Maryhill State Park, WA (near Biggs, OR)

N 45° 40.881'     W 120° 50.207'

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Directions from Biggs, OR

Cross the Colombia on US 97 into Washington.
Turn right.

Distances from various other places:

[Estimates from Delorme Map'n'Go using FASTEST route]

104 miles —Portland, OR
223 miles —Seattle, WA
250 miles —Spokane, WA
542 miles —Reno, NV
628 miles —San Francisco, CA
678 miles (1,092 km) —Calgary, Alberta
1,058 miles —Escondido, CA
1,074 miles —Ft. Collins, CO
2,331 miles —Columbus, OH
2,826 miles —Gainsville, FL
7,300 miles —Cairo, Egypt (approx.)
7,900 miles —Sydney, Australia (approx.)

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