HMarc's GPNDG Photos

"Hole in the Ground" meteor crater, near Fort Rock, OR, taken on the way to the Gather.
Not a great photo, but a very interesting place. Worth a visit.
[WARNING: 4 mile road with major washboards and some loose sand]

Great tent sites abound at Crescent Lake.

Art shot of the underbrush (Manzanita?) near my tent.

Did I dream of Beignets for breakfast?

Crescent lake, early morning.

Left overs from a strange beach ritual...

Everyone walked right by these berries between the pavilion and the lower parking lot.

Da BOSS — Ed "Gooz" Guzman, relaxing mid-day Thursday.

Two of the Goddess' finest...

A view westward on the trail to Simax Resort, 1/2 mile from our camp.

A wise old face carved into a stump at the Simax Resort.

Steve, MiG and JC, at Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs. A gorgeous spot!
Eight pools, no waiting...

Close up with yours truly in the shot.

Beer Boss Dave Morgan pretends to pitch the micro-bike into the dumpster.
Obviously a "pre-crash" photo.

Copyright © 2006, by H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.
[but anyone who attended the Gather may take copies of these photos for personal use]