The 14th Annual GPNDG
August 11-14, 2005
At Three Meadows Group Camp at Dworshak State Park, near Orofino, ID
N 46° 35.586'     W 116° 18.028'

Cabin Reservations

For cabin reservations or to volunteer to be a CabinBOSS, contact the and the relevant CabinBoss (see below) and post your intention publicly to the mailing list. Don't forget to send some mail so he can update this page...

Cabins nominally sleep 12, and there are 12 bunks. However, there's very little room for gear stowage or privacy. (see pictures by Marc & Wanda) A more realistic practical capacity might be 6 or 9 people.

Where What Who
Alex Trebek
Prop: Tim Surdyk
[Cabin #1 on the Site Map]
All conversation must be in the form
of questions. In Swedish.
1. Tim Surdyk
2. Dave Macdonald
3. Brett Parker
4. Garth Parker
5. Brian Poppe
6. Rob Scott
7. Julia Wood
8. Mariana Markova
9. Joanne Savely
10. Bill Savely
Alternative Beer Lovers
Prop: Erston
[Cabin #2 on the Site Map]
non-OEM hair colors preferred
open minds required
1. Molly "Bike" Brindley
2. Jason "J" Brindley
3. Tom Dietrich
4. John O'Keefe
5. Erston Reisch
6. Joanna Moss
7. Pete Moss
8. Katy King
9. Seth LaForge
10. Michelle Malkasian
Llama Friendly
Prop: Brian Schieber
[Cabin #3 on the Site Map]
You must know how to make the
universal sign of the llama.
(ask Beth Dixon if you don't)
1. Brian Schieber
2. Steve Gross
3. Bob Actis
4. Hanna Linder
5. Janene no-last-name
6. Ed Walsh
7. Logan Seymore
8. Lin Neighbors
9. Jay Pearson
10. Rachel Herold
Frank Zappa rules!
Prop: HMarc
[Cabin #4 on the Site Map]
Tasteful snoring,
no rap music,
no durians
1. Wanda Lewis
2. Debb Kopp
3. Lori Harriger
5. H. Marc Lewis
5. Phil Kopp
6. Jim Harriger
7. Art Ellison
8. Bob "bjet" Taylor
9. Truman Grandy

RV Hookups

  1. "First wife" Rhonda & Carl Paukstis
  2. Kaffrun & John Jennings
  3. Roger & Prof. Mark
  4. Julie & Nick Olson
  5. Rosa & Steve Crites
    -- to reserve an RV hookup (they are limited), email Da BOSS --

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