HMarc's GPNDG-10 Photos

I took these photos at the 10th annual Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather™ with my Olympus C3030 digital camera. This page contains thumbnails each of which is linked to a Web page with a larger version of the image, plus navigation buttons. If you want to see them all in medium size (max. dimension 512 pixels), just click on the first image and thereafter use the navigation buttons.

On the CD version, the Web page images are linked to full sized (usually 2048x1536 pixel) images, which are more suitable for printing (they are probably larger than your monitor can display). On this version at, the large photos have been left out for bandwidth reasons. If you want a CD version, with the fullsized photos, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.

All photos are Copyright (c) 2001 by H. Marc Lewis and Wanda M. Brookhart. Permission is freely granted to anyone who attended the 10th GPNDG to use any of these photos for personal, non-commercial, use.

Note 1: the first bunch of these are annotated, as they are my picks for a reasonable subset. The others, after the horizontal separator, are unannotated. There are some quite good photos of individuals, plus a lot of not-so-good shots.

Note 2: there's a humorous video clip here but it is 10mb so may not be suitable for folks with phone line connections...

The following photos aren't annotated. Some are good (in particular there are some good photos of individuals), and some aren't so good. Whatever -- they're here if you want them...

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