[GPNDG] 2001

The 10th annual GPNDG!

July 5-July 8, 2001

Fine Volunteer Crew
Da BOSS: Carl Paukstis carlp@wetleather.com
Finance Minister: Shannon Kelley shannonk@cnnw.net
Food Boss: KitchenCEO: Jim Franklin jamesf@bayarea.net
Thurs dinner: Randall Mietzner mietzner@mail.wsu.edu
Fri Breakfast: Gary & Shannon Kelley shannonk@cnnw.net
Fri dinner: Brian Schieber brian_schieber@email.com
Sat breakfast: Ed Hackett edh@dri.edu
Sat dinner: Bryan Klech bklech@techbrat.com
[Sun breakfast: volunteers needed?]
Dessert Queen(s): Saturday:
Francesca Wainwright
Ellen Carrico
Coffee Boss: Martin Golding martin@plaza.ds.adp.com
UberBeverages BOSS: Tim Keane timk@iea.com
Entertainment Boss: [open]
Labour/Logistics Boss: John Thompson thompson@mail.wsu.edu
Web stuff: H. Marc Lewis (wizard@micapeak.com)
Safety/Security/Facility: Master at Arms: Tom Dietrich txd@halcyon.com
Sunday Morning Camp Policing Boss: Sir Bill Bunton wgb@buntonstudios.com
Building Cleanup Bosses: Lee Hart & Kristen Suhr leehart@leehart.com
Parking Ogre: Rob Scott rob@unixguy.com>
Gendarme de Garbage: Mark Morrissey markem@cs.pdx.edu
Ladies' Restroom Boss: Rebecca SwtP Mayer SWTPEA2NIA@aol.com
Men's Restroom Boss: JC jc@eskimo.com
Awards Presentation Secret Special Unannounced Mystery Fryer

Equipment Furnished
I. Major applicances and other equipment furnished:
(2) Restaurant size ranges - each with 2 large ovens, 2 large top grills and 2 large ring-type burners
(1) Commercial dishwasher (bring automatic dishwashing soap)
(1) Walk-in refrigerator - 420 cubic ft. with shelves
(1) Commercial freezer - 40 cubic ft.
(1) Washer and Dryer (additional rental fee; bring detergent)
(2) Toasters - 4 slice each
(1) group BBQ grill with hood - cooking area 2' x 5' - bring charcoal
(2) restaurant style buffet tables, 1 hot (holds 4 separate items) & 1 cold
(1) 100 cup coffee maker
(1) VCR/TV with remote
(1) Sound system with microphone ($20 per day additional rental fee)
(2) stainless steel serving carts
(1) Microwave oven
(1) pool table ($10 per day additional rental fee)

II. Standard kitchen items
(4) Baking pans 13x9x2
(8) Baking pans 18x12x2
(1) Can opener, large
(1) Colander, 24-inch
(1) Double boiler w/lid, 8qt.
(1) Juice jug, 3 gal
(1) Kettle w/lid, 20qt
(2) Ladles, 2oz.
(1) Ladle, 4oz.
(2) Ladles, 8oz.
(1) Measuring spoon set
(1) Meat Fork
(1) Mixing bowl, 24 inch
(1) Pan w/lid, 10qt.
(1) Potato Masher
(2) Potato Peelers
(4) Roasting pans 24x18x4
(2) Serving Tongs
(1) Spatula, metal
(1) Spatula, teflon
(1) Stock Pot, 10gal

III. Optional Items (available if you want them, no charge but an advance notice of reservation is required):
(100) Bowls, 16oz.
(100) Bowls, 6oz
(100) Coffee cups, 6oz
(6) Cookie sheets, 25x17
(100) Dinner plates
(2) Mixing Bowls, 1qt
(2) Mixing Bowls, 5qt
(8) Muffin pans, 12cup ea.
(12) Pitchers, 1qt.
(4) Pitchers, 2qt
(10) Salt & pepper shaker sets
(100) Serving trays, flat
(100) Serving trays, molded
(150) Silverware sets, fork/knife/2 spoons
(1) Stock Pot, 15gal
(4) Sugar dispensers
(100) Water glasses, 8oz

IV. Miscellaneous
Meat carving knives
measuring cups
cleanup cloths
kitchen paper products
aluminum foil
wood for bonfire area Notes:
Cleaning materials provided include grill bricks for grill cleaning as well as mops, brooms, glass cleaner, disinfectant, pinesol and trash bags. Ice may be purchased at Freeman Creek.

Carl's note:
I have requested the following Optional Items:
2 Mixing Bowls - 1 quart
2 Mixing Bowls - 5 quart
4 Pitchers - 2 quart
5 Serving Trays - flat
1 Stock Pot - 15 Gal
Pool Table
Sound System (Saturday 7/7 only)

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