[GPNDG] 2001

The 10th annual GPNDG!

July 5-July 8, 2001

Cabin Reservations

For cabin reservations or to volunteer to be a CabinBOSS, contact the Finance Minister and the relevant CabinBoss (see below) and post your intention publicly to the mailing list.

Cabins nominally sleep 12, and there are 12 bunks. However, there's very little room for gear stowage or privacy. (see pictures by Marc & Wanda) A more realistic practical capacity might be 6 or 9 people.

Where What Who
Frank Zappa Lives!
H. Marc Lewis
[Cabin #4 on the Site Map]
Co-ed, No snoring,
Quiet Time 11pm-7am
1. H Marc Lewis
2. Wanda Brookhart
3. Rebecca (SwtP) Mayer
4. Kathy Gill
5. Michael Schamens
6. Ln (LotE) Carrico
7. Mark (BBQslayer) Alpen
8. Debb Kopp
9. Phil Kopp
10. Scott Washburn
(we're full now!)
Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter
Erston Reisch
[Cabin #5 on the Site Map]
WARNING! Full Snoring!
24-hr Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear
WetLadies welcome. Spooning encouraged.
Farting? The Smeller's the Feller.
Quiet Time? Bring ear plugs and your cucumber mask.
1. Erston Reisch
2. Bob Veatch
3. bjet
4. Jeff Jennings
5. Karyn Vicker
Utopian Pipe Dreamers
Jim Franklin
[Cabin #6 on the Site Map]
No snoring, Tequila wanted,
Jacuzzi needed,
WetLadies welcome
Quiet Time unspecified
1. Jim Franklin
2. Martin Golding
3. Mark Morrissey
4. Roger Bonzer
5. Bryan Klech
6. Joanne Ferreira
The Middle Path
(Moderation in all things)
Rob Scott
[Cabin #2 on the Site Map]
Co-ed, quiet snoring
moderate farting, mildly inebriated
Quiet Time 11PM-7AM
1. Rob Scott
2. Bob Actis
3. Rick McKee
4. John O'Keefe
5. Joel Scotti
6. Jane Scotti
7. Jeff Earls
Liberty Hall
Randall Mietzner
[Cabin #3 on the Site Map]
"You can spit on the mat
and call the cat a bastard"
Snorers sent to a tent,
Unrestricted farting,
No Quiet Time
1. Randall Mietzner
2. Tim Surdyck
3. Chris Denzler
4. Jon Diaz
5. Trip Nolan
6. Sue Diaz
United Nations
Tony Jones
[Cabin #1 on the Site Map]
Co-Ed. Rules will be decided by member nations. 1. Tony Jones - Great Britannia
2. Gustavo Buhacoff - Israeltina
3. Brian Bucknam - United States
4. Truman Grandy - Panama
5. Brian D. Schieber - P.R. of Vashon
6. Gary Wasserman - East Coast
7. Frieda Schieber - P.R. of Vashon
The Family Cabin
David MacDonald
[Cabin #8 on the Site Map]
Rugrat-friendly 1. David Macdonald
2. Elwyn Macdonald
3. Tristan Macdonald
4. The Fabulous Ms. Keri
5. Jim Broglio
6. Olivia Broglio
[No Theme]
[No CabinBOSS yet]
[no rules yet] [no occupants yet]

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